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Perfect Fall -- Autumn
Perfect Fall

Obsessed By Darkness-- Autumn Jordon
Obsessed by Darkness

Perfect -- Autumn Jordon
Seized by Darkness

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ARC READERS apply here.

Have you ever wanted to read an advance copy of one of my books? Well, I do it by application process.  And here is what I’m looking for in a PERFECT FALL ARC reader.

  1. Have you read and reviewed PERFECT or PERFECT HEARTS and enjoy them?
  2. Do you have a good review status at Amazon? I want reviewers who are honest and fair and not someone who gives 5 stars to everything they read.
  3. Are you willing to read and leave a review on Amazon within three days of the release dated of July 18, 2017?
  4. Are you willing to fill out an application? Incomplete applications are automatically deleted.

With that said, we will only take the number of readers needed, which at this time are ten new people. Once you’re on my ARC list, you stay on the list unless you stop asking for ARCs or miss your review deadline.  You do not need to apply each time a call goes out.

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